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Make your nursery a wonderful memory for you and your children! This project grew out of an assignment for my "Teaching Methods" class at BYU in 2004. I've shared this work with over 1000 nursery workers who have joined my yahoo group worldwide since 2005. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas that are easy to duplicate and most of them come from the Children's Friend or other church produced resources. As I update to the new format, I hope that nursery workers will be able to use these carefully coordinated ideas for the new "Behold Your Little Ones" Nursery manual.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

27 The Sacrament Helps Me Think about Jesus Christ

Gathering Activities: Have a few people come in and sing a sacrament Hymn, Music CD unit 2 Musical Expression

"Remember Him," The Friend October 1990, p. 14 (picture wheel activity)
Flat bread and water
"Before I Take the Sacrament" 73 CS"To Think about Jesus" 71 CS"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" 57 CS"Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" 60 CS
Kayla's Lesson 40 at Idea Door (Sacrament Etiquette) "Lizzie Remembers Jesus", Friend April 1995 "Sacrament Poem," Friend Feb 1995 "Remembering Jesus Christ." (flannel board story) Friend June 1999
Art Activities:
Make a Sacrament Book Friend, April 1992 (visuals at Or Friend, Dec. 2001, 21 Change the wording on the sacrament picture to "I Can Think of Jesus", The prophet one may not fit this lesson. Or "Be Grateful for the Sacrament," (coloring page) Friend Nov 1987
Finger Plays and Verses
I’m Glad I Came to Church TodayI’m glad I came to church today (clasp hands and make steeple of church by putting tips of forefingers together).I love to listen (cup hand around ear)And to pray (fold arms and bow head).I learn of Jesus up above (point up);I think of Jesus and his love (hug self).I’ll fold my arms (fold arms),I’ll bow my head (bow head),And quiet, quiet be (whisper this line).As the sacrament is blessed,I will remember Thee.
Advance Preparation:

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