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Hi - this is Rhonda,
I haven't had a nursery calling for about 7 years now. I do visit now and then and I substituted in the nursery a few weeks ago with another lady that I didn't know. We had both been asked to substitute and we were surprised to find that both regular leaders would be absent. I knew the lesson had to be something about spring, so Sister Gray and I scrambled to get pictures of baby animals and a baby animal picture book to color. We had animal crackers and fishies. We also knew the music leader would be in. As we were working through all of that, several primary people walked in to give us a heads-up that some ladies from the Salt Lake City General Primary Presidency were coming specifically to look in on the nursery. This never happens - we were very surprised! It all turned out well.

LDS Helps to go with "Behold Your Little Ones" - Listed by Lesson Number

Make your nursery a wonderful memory for you and your children! This project grew out of an assignment for my "Teaching Methods" class at BYU in 2004. I've shared this work with over 1000 nursery workers who have joined my yahoo group worldwide since 2005. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas that are easy to duplicate and most of them come from the Children's Friend or other church produced resources. As I update to the new format, I hope that nursery workers will be able to use these carefully coordinated ideas for the new "Behold Your Little Ones" Nursery manual.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

26 I Will Be Baptized and Confirmed

Gathering Activities:
Children make thank you notes for helpers in their church.
Take the children on a Thank-You-Walk around the church. They hand out thank-you notes to members of the church who help them.
Fishies, crackers and/or Sweedish fish. Talk about Jesus being a fisher of men.
Have a little discussion about how after we are baptized, we help each other to stay faithful. "Our Bishop", "Here We are Together”, “If You’re Happy and you Know it”, “Do As I’m Doing” 135 CS, "Do As I'm Doing" 276 CS
Go over the learning activities from "Behold Your Little Ones"
Art Activities:
Trace each child's hand on a copy of the finger play, "Daddy's Hands".
Daddy’s Hands (by Rhonda Wall)
Daddy’s hands in mine (interlace fingers)
To bless me with his love (hands on head as in a blessing)
Hands to baptize and confirm me (make a fist and hold the wrist of the fisted hand, like a baptism and back to the blessing position)
All gifts from God above (hands open angeled up to heaven)
Advance Preparation:

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